Rules and Regulations

The flats are for tourism (transport, stay) and are rented out on the following conditions:
- Tuscany Regional Law 16/1994
- Law 1084/7 OF 27, 12, 77 (CVV) comma 1, nos. 3 and 6; from commas 17 to 23; from commas 24 to 31, since it may not be considered a package holiday organization.

Contract Conditions

1. Payment.
Booking must be completed via a deposit (down payment?)of 1/3 of the total cost of stay, including booking rights, within 2 weeks of confirmation on our part of availability of accommodation requested. Balance must be paid in full when keys are handed over, with no exceptions. Should deposit or payment in full not be carried out by dates and according to conditions stipulated, the Management will consider the booking null and reserve the right to withhold any money already paid.

2. Travel documents.
Guests must send a photocopy of travel documents (Passport, Identity Card) along with the deposit, as stated in comma 1.

3. Booking change or Cancellation.
3.1 Booking change.
Should guests who have booked be unable to come, they may pass their booking on to someone else, under the following conditions:
- that the new tenants have the same requisites as the previous ones
- that the previous tenants inform the Management of the change not later than 2 weeks prior to date of arrival;
- that the new registration fees be paid in full
The Management, however, will not be held responsible for any refusal on behalf of third party services providers. Both the previous and new tenants must pay the balance in full, as well as any extra fees from the change in booking, as stipulated in paragraph 4.2.
3.2 Cancellation
Should guests cancel their booking, they must nonetheless pay the registration fees, as well as:
a) 25% of total cost of stay if booking is cancelled up to a month prior to arrival date;
b) 50% of total cost of stay if booking is cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to arrival date;
d) no refund is granted should cancellation be carried out less than 2 weeks prior to arrival date, or during stay.

4. Alterations
4.1 If, for any reason, the Management is unable to provide any service included in the contract, it is obliged to offer an alternative one, at no extra expense on behalf of the tenant. Should the service provided be inferior to that stipulated, guests will be granted a refund.
4.2 Guests will have to pay an additional fee for expenses if there is any change in booking.

5. Complaints
All the flats and Residences have been checked in detail. As far as the Management is concerned, all descriptions are to be considered correct, but the Management can in no way be held responsible if it has not been informed of any alterations carried out by the owners.
We kindly ask our guests to come to the office within 24 hours of arrival and put down in writing any complaints they may have; if done later, the complaint will be considered a mere notification. No complaints or claims will be taken into consideration if forwarded at end of stay. Any problem guests consider serious should be forwarded to the Foro in LIVORNO.

6. Flats and villas
6.1 On arrival, guests will be given the keys and asked for a deposit - given back on day of departure - on behalf of the Agency. If guests leave when the office is closed, the deposit will be refunded within seven days. Guests will have to pay for any damage.

7. Insurance and responsabilities
The Brignetti Estate Agency acts solely as intermediary between guests and facility providers for stays chosen from this year's catalogue, with no obligations whatsoever. The insurance policy for civil liability and guarantee provided for by the international convention concerning travel contracts, stipulated by the law of 27/12/1997, has been stipulated by the "La Previdente" policy no. 1870200405872, comma 13 of the Tuscany Regional Law 16/4. If they wish, guests may stipulate an insurance policy for any cancellation risks or costs with an Insurance Company of their choice.

8. Compulsory assistance
The Management is obliged to give any assistance necessary as suggested by professional standards, only with reference to its own duties, according to the law or to the contract. It is in no way to be held responsible for any shortcomings towards clients on behalf of the vendor.

9. Guarantee fund
A national guarantee fund has been founded at the Seat of the President of the Council of Ministers, that guests can consult and contact according to the no. 21 comma of the Legislative Decree 111/95, if the vendor or organizer has not paid to the full. Regulations concerning access to the fund have been stipulated in the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, according to the no. 21 comma of the Legislative Decree 111/95.